Ice Cream Cones and Sundaes

Ice Cream Craft


  • Bowl
  • Tissue paper, several colors
  • Colored paper
  • Hole-punch and/or mini craft punches
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue (optional)

Ice Cream Cone Additional Materials

  • Brown construction paper
  • Scotch or double-sided tape
  • Plate or other circular object for tracing

How-To Make a Sundae

  1. Bunch a piece of tissue paper into a tight ball and place it in the bowl.
  2. Repeat with other colors to make as many ice cream scoops as you like.
  3. Gently pull apart a few cotton balls to make the whipped cream. Younger children may need help with this part.  Of course it is OK if it ends up in pieces — it’s an opportunity to use glue!
  4. Place the cotton on top of the tissue balls. Glue in place if desired.
  5. Use the paper punches to create sprinkles.
  6. Drizzle glue over the sundae to hold the sprinkle confetti in place. We used glitter glue left over from Halloween which was sparkly and fun.
  7. Sprinkle the confetti on top of the sundae.
How-To Make an Ice Cream Cone

Parents may need to prep these materials for younger children and will likely need to help with the taping. I cut out the cone patterns ahead of time and helped with the taping for my 2-year-old.

  1. Trace approximately 1/4 of a circle on the brown construction paper.  I used a dinner plate.
  2. Cut the shape out.
  3. Roll the paper into a cone and tape it.
  4. Add double-sided tape or make tape rolls and apply to the inside of the cone.
  5. Bunch the tissue paper to make a scoop of ice cream and place it in the cone.
  6. For extra scoops, add double-sided tape or tape rolls to the top of the scoop on the cone and then add the next scoop.
  7. To make the completed project more durable, add glue to key junction points and leave to dry.

Here is the finished product, made entirely by my 4-year-old:

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