About Sarah

I am the mother of three young boys living in the Bay Area in Northern California.  I work as an Instructional Designer/Trainer when I’m not spending time with my children.  I have always enjoyed crafts and tech projects.  I hope the bento lunches and crafts I share here will inspire other parents.

We call our three children Pumpkin (4.5), Pepper (2.5), and Peanut (6 months). If you keep up with this blog you may begin to see why these nicknames are fitting. Pumpkin is a sweet, energetic boy, with many attributes typical of an “oldest” child. Pepper has a fiery personality and can be the most sweet and loving, but also has a stubborn streak. We’re finding out more about our Peanut every day as his happy, smiley personality emerges. Though, we may need to change his moniker, as he’s on track to be the largest brother yet.

This blog is a personal challenge to recommit to making healthy, beautiful lunches for my children.

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