Candy Crush Bento

Chicken circles and seaweed "special candies", red pepper, grapes, cheese, inserted into grid

I had successfully avoided the game Candy Crush until a recent trip to the Apple store to replace my phone. (I am now the proud owner of a replacement iPhone and an Apple care plus plan, which apparently I should have purchased in the first place.)

While I was being helped, I let my sons play on the iPad games that are conveniently set up at a low table for kids. Before I knew it, my 5 year old was addicted.

He’s so enthralled with the game that he decided to make an instruction booklet. Here is the page that shows what happens when you combine two special candies:

Instructions on how to combine two special candies in candy crush

Candy crush is a great theme for a bento lunch, because you can use all sorts of foods with wonderful colors. For my bento, I constructed a cardboard grid to keep the items in place.

Half-inch strips of cardboard, mini-cutters

Arrange cardboard into a grid


  • Thin cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Mini-cutters


Create a grid is to keep items from shifting out of place. Keep the grid as low-profile as possible.

  1. Cut thin strips of cardboard, about 1/2″ thick.
  2. Starting 1/2″ from the slide, Slit cardboard strip every 3/4″, just over 1/4″ deep.
  3. Connect twocardboard strips on their outermost slit, matching slits on both pieces of cardboard you are combining to connect securely.
  4. Continue connecting strips to create the grid.

The goal of creating the grid is to create something low-profile that will keep items from shifting out of place.

To create the shapes, I used my Ateco Mini Cutter Set that I love so much. For these lunches I used:

  • chicken decorated with seaweed strips (circle shapes)
  • cucumbers (the squarish shapes)
  • grapes
  • red pepper strips

For my five year-old, I also cut up scraps of what remained into chunks and included in a second container so he would get enough to eat.

Here’s the second Candy Crush bento lunch (made for my 3 year-old). I snapped a shot of it without a grid, just to see. I think you could easily do the lunch without the support grid, but you’d need to be very precise in cutting shapes a similar size and packing the items tightly.

Chicken circles and seaweed "special candies", red pepper, grapes, cheese

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