Choosing a lunchbox: Best boxes for big and little kids

"Where diid you purchase yoru bento lunch boxes? Do you think that they would be big enough for lunch for my boys?"

I was very happy the other week to get a text from a friend asking for recommendations for lunch boxes. I haven’t kept up with my blog as much as I’ve liked since I started my own business last October, but it was nice to feel like I can still be a resource.

My friend wanted to take the plunge and purchase a reusable lunchbox.
"I think I might try them out this year. The cost of the tin must offset the cost of all the reusable lunch baggies my boys lost last year! It looks like it might fit in their current insulated lunch boxes too!" "Did you get one? They are expensive :( I don't know that they offset the cost of disposable bags but I certainly feel better using them."

It just so happened that I had just ordered a few things on Amazon to round out my supplies and had the perfect recommendation. I have posted before about Lunchbots and am a huge fan. This time, I came across an Ecobots three in one container that seemed like a really good value.

Eco Lunchbox Three-in-one set

Her boys are a bit older than mine, and they can really put food away. That makes this double-decker perfect for them. This box has been super handy packing group snacks for outings to the park.

A big change this year is that my youngest child is starting in the toddler program at pre-school. He’s just one-and-a-half, so I needed to find a container that he would be able to work mostly on his own.

(Side note: I’m super excited about this change. They have a “Little Chef’s” program twice a week where they cook lunch with the kids. A lot of what I’ve learned about cooking with kids, I’ve learned from them.)

Best Lock & Lock Mini Lunch Box with Bag

We piloted the lunchbox today (on our first lunchtime visit), and it went well. The snapping containers are very easy for him to manipulate. The boxes do fit quite snugly in the sack, but I realized that is mostly a concern for me when I am packing the lunch. It will certainly be easier for Peanut to take the container out. Frankly, he can toss it in sideways when he’s done. I just need to make sure it all comes home.

"Cool! Does it have a carrier too? Insulated or not?" "No carrier or insulation  - just the tin." "Ok thx!"

The last item I bought was a three-pack of ice-packs. I don’t always use these, because most of the food I pack is OK to sit out for a few hours. I’m lucky with the moderate Bay Area climate. Still, I thought it would be nice to have some on hand.

Green Sprouts Ice Packs

When I first became so interested in bento lunches, I did some reading on the subject early on and was surprised to realize that the reason traditional bentos contain pickled vegetables because these will not spoil easily in hot climates. So clever.

Have a great school year! Stay tuned for pictures of my new bento supplies in use.

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