Cat and the Hat Birthday Cake

You could not, would not, want to miss a celebration quite like this!

Cat and the Hat Cake

All three of my children have birthdays in a five-week span. I wish I had the wherewithal to do separate parties for each of them. I had intended to do something to honor them each individually. But, as the time approached, I realized they older two weren’t going to complain about having a joint party (yet, at ages 5 and 3). Since many of their friends come in a sibling packages, it worked out quite well.

In terms of party planning, I chose a nearby park and provided bagels and coffee to try to keep most of the prep simple. This left me free to focus my energies on the cake. I chose a Cat and the Hat theme, because my kids are big fans. A friend found an awesome cake from Le Petite Sweet that I used as inspiration:

Awesome Cat and the hat birthday cake

I have never used fondant, but I decided I could do it for some key elements if I put my mind to it.

I baked two sheet cakes– I made the base using Martha Stewart’s devil’s food cake recipe. My sister-in-law gave me the Martha Stewart cupcake book for Christmas last year. The recipes crazy-delicious and worth the extra effort!

I topped the cake with butter cream frosting, which I tinted blue.

Cake Base

When I realized I wasn’t going to have enough cake, I used a box of cake mix to make an extra sheet cake, which I needed for decorating. I cut out square pieces and then used a circle cookie cutter to make the layers of the hat. I stuck the layers together with frosting.

Spare Cake

Cat and the Hat: Cat's Hat

Next I rolled out the fondant, which I bought at Michael’s. (Mine came as a dough, not rolled.) I kneaded red food dye into a section of the fondant and rolled that out, too. With flat white and red pieces, I made the shapes I needed.

I  traced a small plate to form the brim of the hat, and used the same circle cutter I used on the cake pieces for the top of the hat. Notice I originally cut the brim in red, before I realized I needed a white brim.

Hat Base

Top of Cat's Hat

I also cut strips of red and white for the hat, diamonds for the kites, and triangle pieces for the kite tail. Then, I remembered the alphabet cutters I have, which are apparently fondant cutters. Up until now I’ve them on everything but fondant. I cut out letters for “Happy Birthday.”

Fondant Kite

To assemble the cake, I placed the brim I had made in one corner. Next, I frosted the cake base I had made, wrapped alternating strips of red and white around it, then placed it on the cake. I positioned the kites I had made. Finally, I placed the “Happy Birthday” lettering.

Chocolate Cake frosted with blue-tinted butter cream. Topped with fondant kites and "Happy Birthday." Plus a fondant-wrapped mini cake made to look like a red and white striped hat.

To add to the party theme, we made Cat and the Hat cups, based on ideas found here: Instead of painting them I bought white duck tape and had my kids wrap the red party cups.

I also splurged on a Thingamajigger piñata. It was HUGE (as in, the size of some of our smaller guests).

Thingamajigger Piñata

Both the cake and the piñata had very short life-spans once introduced at the party 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cat and the Hat Birthday Cake

  1. I love this! For my kid’s past birthdays I haven’t done their cakes but this year I’m going to do my best. Although probably nothing as grand as yours; I’d probably butcher that hat before it made its way to the cake lol.

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