Planet Pancakes




We are headed to my son’s school tomorrow to celebrate his 5th birthday. There is a proscribed “birthday celebration” at Montessori schools. At our school, this includes the child walking around the sun once for every year of his life. Parents are invited to join the celebration and bring a special treat. We will also share 5 stories about our son with his classmates.

I wanted to tie the snack into the space theme, so I decided to make planet pancakes. planet_pancake

This was fairly simple.

1) I made a batch of silver-dollar pancakes. I swear by the pancake recipe from the Better Homes cookbook. It’s delicious and worth making from scratch.

Plain Pancakes

I used a pancake pen which helped me make the pancakes consistent and round, but a steady hand would also work.

2) I created the “rings” by dying the remaining batter blue with food coloring and making “C” shapes.


This part was much harder. The first set of these I made were far too small.I made a few extras and also used kitchen scissors to trim some of them so they would fit together better with the pancakes.

I used the scraps and leftovers as a filler in tomorrow’s lunches.


I think these 2-D snacks worked out much better than last year’s cake-ball solar system:

Cake ball planets, crackers, and cheese stars

The snack looked cute laid out on my table but when I packed it up to take to school, it no longer read solar system. Not that the kids complained about cake balls…

I think it’s interesting that this year’s treat is dialed-down and was certainly easier to prepare, and yet comes across better with the planet theme I started with. This is something I need to keep in mind in general.



2 thoughts on “Planet Pancakes

  1. Thanks, Nina. I was realizing yesterday when your post was emailed to me that I haven’t been on your blog since the twins were born. I flagged the message to remind myself to do that. Reading the email digests is so convenient, but harder to comment…

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