Food on the Go (10/8-10/21)

I was intrigued to discover cucumber lemon at the Farmer’s Market over the weekend. Cucumbers are a lunch staple and lemon juice has magical powers that make almost any food delicious. (Seriously, my boys even eat kale if they can squeeze lemon on it.)

Loves: Cucumber, Loves: Lemons; Does not love: Cucumber Lemons

Unfortunately, my son did not follow my logic. So, when I included cucumber lemon in a simple lunch, it came home uneaten.

Bento lunch

Rice, egg, cucumber, applesauce, and cheese.

Believe it or not, this bento was the pre-cursor to my Goldilocks bento. I got excited and made the rice and hard-boiled egg without realizing I didn’t have the right ingredients to finish the rest. This turned out to be a plainer, but still tasty and healthy lunch for my guy.

Later in the the week I sent a simpler snack-for-lunch bento for both boys. I used tea cups from their play set for the hummus.

pastrami, cheese, crackers, carrots, hummus, apple, dried mango and pretzel nuggets

Bentos for Two: pastrami, cheese, crackers, carrots, hummus, apple (for the little one only), dried mango, raspberries, and pretzel nuggets

I’ve been whipping up several Halloween-themed bentos, which I’m saving for a separate post. Stay-tuned!


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