Food on the Go (10/1-10/7)

Fall is one of my favorite time of year. First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. It just keeps getting better.  I’d been feeling like I was in a bit of rut with lunches lately, and this change of season has been just the thing to kick me into high gear again.

I have a leaf cookie cutter that I break out this time every year. (Well, this is only the second year, but that’s as long as I’ve been doing this.)

Fall leaves from tofu and nori

Tofu leaves, carrots, green pepper, cheese cubes, and rice

Fall leaves from tofu and nori

Tofu leaves, carrots, red pepper, cheese cubes, strawberries, and banana bread balls

I’m also starting to work on some Halloween-themed lunches.

I have a bat cookie cutter that’s great for garnishing. I’m trying to work out other Halloween shapes I can make and what foods would work best. This week I came up with a hummus and pretzel stick spider.

Spider made from hummus and pretzel legs, bat-shaped cheese slices

Hummus and pretzel spider, carrots, red pepper, cucumber, green pepper, cheese bats, chicken chunks with lemon, and banana bread balls

Here are the other lunches that rounded out the rest of the week. I used a lot of the same elements (carrots, cucumbers, green and red peppers) in several different ways.

Hard-boiled car egg, hummus with car nori decorations, sandwich wedges wrapped in nori

Hard-boiled egg, carrot coins, cucumber coins, red pepper coins, plum, and peanut butter sandwich sections wrapped in nori

Two bentos with pita, noodles, tofu and fruit

Pita with cheese and pesto, noodles, tofu, orange, and sugar melon

Hard-boiled heart egg, hummus cup topped with heart bread slice, sandwich with heart cut-out, fruit and veggies

Hard-boiled egg, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, red pepper sticks, plum, and a cheese sandwich with heart cut-out

Sunflower butter sandwich sticks with fruits and vegetables

Cucumber, red pepper, sunflower butter sandwich sticks, plum, and pomegranate

The pepper, carrot, cucumber, hummus and bananas also made an appearance at the toddler playgroup this week.

Vegetable sticks, apple, hummus, and banana balls

Cucumber, carrots, red and green pepper sticks, apple, hummus, and banana balls


I’m still thinking about changing the way I identify my weekly food round-ups. Do you like “Food on the Go” better than “Other Morsels”? Do you have any other suggestions?


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One thought on “Food on the Go (10/1-10/7)

  1. I suck at naming titles but I do like Food on the Go. After all that’s what your bento boxes are all about.

    And I totally agree about fall! It definitely just keeps getting better with Halloween starting it off and holidays galore thereafter.

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