Food on the Go (9/24-9/30)

Monday’s lunch was a breeze. Our good friends and neighbors hosted a birthday party for their toddler over the weekend, and of course there were leftovers. This lunch was super-yummy, super colorful, and super-healthy– times two!

Leftovers from a birthday party make a great and easy lunch

Salami, cheese, edamame, carrot sticks, celery, grapes, and crackers.

I still had some pita left from last week, so I made a garden pita sandwich. I had hoped to have Pumpkin (4.5) prepare the filling, but he had other evening plans that involved making decorations for Halloween. (We’re both SO excited!)

I ended up grating the cucumber and red pepper myself.  I waffled about adding a dressing and making it soggy. Instead, I put some on the side, but my son didn’t realize what it was for. Next time I’ll be sure to show it to him ahead of time.

Pita and vegetable sandwich with crackers, fruit, and cheese.

Pita with shredded cucumber, red pepper, and hummus, sliced cheese, crackers, cantaloupe, and orange.

Friday’s lunch was another leftover meal. I added ketchup for Pumpkin’s lunch but Pepper (2.5) surprisingly preferred his plain. Sometimes I think he’s following the Atkins diet plan. That kid loves his meat!

Meatloaf, roasted vegetables, and fruit

Leftover meatloaf in the Lunchbots Trio, also with strawberries, raspberries, sugar kiss melon, and roasted root vegetables (with honey “sauce”).

I put a little bit of honey in the lion and truck squeeze bottles to try to entice them to eat the roasted vegetables. While this strategy worked at dinner time, it had no success without my added prodding at meal-time.


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