Food on the Go (9/17-9/23)

I’ll lead this week with my favorite lunch that I made. Inspired by Eric Carle, I made an A Very Hungry (Watermelon) Caterpillar bento.

Watermelon caterpillar with candy eyes, plus strawberries, cucumber, ham, cheese, and pita with hummus.

There are many versions of this online. It’s a really easy, playful idea that kids enjoy. My son recommended that next time I stick to foods that were in the book. Oddly, I don’t think he was angling for lollipops and cupcakes. I think he really just wanted it to be proper.

Hindsight being 20/29, I see I should have used the pita cutouts for the eyes and avoided using the candy. I’m sure there will be a next time for that.

Another night I began packing dinner leftovers for my son when I realized that the chicken and cauliflower had a better chance of getting eaten if I tied them in with the sound of the week, which was C. This was the first time I wrote a note for my oldest son and I was so happy when he reported at the end of the day that the teachers read it to him. Sadly, my gimmick didn’t convince him to eat the cauliflower.

Chicken, cauliflower, cantaloupe, crinkled cucumbers, crackers, and cheese.

Friday I sent leftovers from a very lazy pizza dinner. I tried to round out the slice with healthier foods. The whole thing was eaten, so at least I’ve got that going for me.

Pizza, plum, pomegranate yogurt, and sunflower butter on celery.

Maybe I should come back to this one for P sound of the week?

The last bento I made was for the boys to share on an outing to the park. I cut the cheese slices in triangles to go with the pita.

Pita triangle Snack Bento: pita, edamame hummus, and cheese

Pita, edamame hummus, and cheese


I’ve been struggling for a way to identify my weekly food round-ups. Do you like “Food on the Go” better than “Other Morsels”? Do you have any other suggestions? Note that I’m a fan of rhyming and alliteration 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Food on the Go (9/17-9/23)

  1. I notice that one photo above has a container of yogurt within another large food container. Does this smaller yogurt container have a lid or something? How do you generally prevent the liquidy things from leaking into the dry things? Beautiful photos and ideas!! Keep them coming!

    • Yes, I definitely cap the yogurt! Often I put it in a larger container outside of the bento, which doesn’t always get photographed. I also use a thermos for really liquids things. If its something moist, like cut fruit, I use silicone cups, lettuce, plastic sushi grass, or position next to something with a peel so it won’t blend flavors.

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