Other morsels (9/1 – 9/7)

My favorite lunch this week was from Tuesday. I thought the cut-outs in the SBJ sandwiches were really pretty. I was a little worried with how messy it might be for Pepper (2.5), but he did great. He’s finally getting to the age where he doesn’t like to have sticky food on his fingers.

Sunflower butter and jelly, melon, grapes and strawberries, carrots and celery (bottom only)

I tossed the cut-outs back into the bread bag and pulled them out later in the week to make egg salad sandwiches. I used the shapes only on the top slice. They were such a hit with the boys that I had to make a few more. 

Egg salad sandwiches, melon, carrots, red pepper and edamame hummus

I made a a distorted, Frankenstein sandwich with the scraps for myself.

Monday was Labor Day so we took a family trip into San Francisco. We love to check new food trucks and I just became aware of the SF Streats. It’s a dedicated space for food-trucks with a rotating schedule of offerings. I wanted to make sure we ended up with a balanced meal (and not spend a fortune), so I packed a side of fruit to go with whatever we decided on.

Cut fruit bento: melon, grape, and strawberry

We shared burritos,quesadilla, and hot dogs, so the fruit was a needed side. Pepper loved his burrito.

Nom, nom, nom

For Wednesday I made a more elaborate garden-themed lunch. I’m in the process of doing a few of these, so I’ll leave you with Thursday’s lunch. I sent a simple bento with some of my son’s favorites.

Pumpkin flatbread with garlic mint cheese, hard-boiled egg, strawberries, and red pepper in the Lunchbots Trio.


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