Other morsels (8/27-9/2)

As I mentioned in the wrap up for last week’s meals and snacks, I realized I needed to give my baby a little blog-love too. This is perfect as we’ve been trying out solid foods with him. I was super-excited to give him avocado.

Baby’s introduction to avocado.

He did not share my enthusiasm. His sour faces were priceless. Maybe four years from now he’ll come around on it, like is brother.

The after-school snack was green-inspired from the avocado meal. I served the avocado with lemon-thyme-salt we made. Pepper found the lemon salt we made based on this recipe from a Little Yumminess and decided to mix in some thyme we had left on the counter for another purpose.

Avocado, pear, peanut butter, and lemon-thyme salt.

The cookie-cutter-as-peanut-butter-vessel didn’t work out so well. It melted out the bottom. I’ll have to try this when we get closer to the bottom of the container and there’s less oil. I may also try freezing them to get them to hold their shape.

Tuesday I made bentos for the older kids with some yummy fresh raspberries and other snacks the boys like. I tried cream-cheese salami rolls, which I haven’t done in quite a while. This time they ate them up 🙂

Cheese, crackers, salami and cream cheese rolls, raspberries, carrots and hummus.

My hubby made lunch for Wednesday and he opted not to include the photo. He does a great job with them too so I am going to keep working on him so I can showcase more “daddy bentos.”

For Thursday’s lunch I sent leftover Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and Rice) in a thermos. It didn’t come back totally empty, but it’s packed with veggies, chicken, and black beans so I was happy he ate even half of it.

Arroz con Pollo, sour cream, strawberries.

Thursday night I took a knife-skills class with my friends. I had taken this a few years back and there was a Google Deal for one so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to refresh my skills. This class has really helped me get quicker in the kitchen. For example, the arroz con pollo used to take me forever because you have to dice carrots, celery, pepper, and onion. One day I’d love to take more classes, but for now this was a good time investment that I think will reap rewards in meal preps to come.

Another benefit of class is that you get to bring home the vegetables you cut up. So, I had carrot and pepper sticks, plus carrot coins. That made pulling together lunches Friday morning quite easy. It made my day when my babysitter told me that Pepper’s lunch was so pretty. It just goes to show that little touches can go a long way.

Bolani, carrots, cucumber, peppers, mango, blueberries, and carrots


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2 thoughts on “Other morsels (8/27-9/2)

  1. Weirdly, my kiddo liked avocado when he first tasted it, but after several tastes of other food, he stopped liking it as much! I suppose it’s because he knows bananas are sweeter 🙂

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