Other morsels (8/20 – 8/26)

Wednesday’s Child

School was closed for a teacher in-service so I had the three boys for the week. I had originally scheduled Pumpkin to go to Jr. Y camp at the YMCA but they cancelled due to low enrollment. Wednesday we went to Habitot Children’s museum, so I packed a snack for us all to share.

Plum, pretzel, and star cookies for the boys to share.

The boys were enjoying themselves so much that I stayed a later than I had planned. If my toddler falls asleep in the car, he wakes up when we get home and will not nap anymore. Fortunately, we played a successful game of “Don’t let Pepper fall asleep.” I bet you can guess how it’s played.

When we got home, I rushed to make him lunch first so we wouldn’t veer further off schedule.

Star turkey, cheese and crackers, and milk in a “regular” cup.

Though I wanted to be quick, I decided it was worth spending the extra 30 seconds cutting things so that he would eat without complaint. It was fairly quick to pull together. I just pulled out the ham, cheese, and crackers plus two star cutters.

I was surprised and pleased when Pumpkin asked to eat the scraps from his brother’s lunch. I gave him the cutting board, cutter, and another slice of turkey and cheese so that he could make his own lunch. He was happy as a clam.

“Inverse Star” turkey and cheese lunch

After such an active morning out with the the boys (going out with three boys is by default active), I enjoyed a nap with them instead of doing chores. Fortunately, I had frozen a family serving of “Meet the Meatballs” from the Gastrokids cookbook, so dinner Wednesday night was a snap. It will be time to restock the freezer soon, though, as we’re running low on our stockpile.

“Meet the Meatballs”

My husband and I picked up this book when we are in Vancouver a few years ago and I love the recipes. There are really good options for healthy foods that both you and your kids will love. There are several, like the meatballs, that have made it into our regular rotation.

Rounding out the Week

Thursday it was my turn to bring snack for the toddler play-group. Pumpkin helped me make biscuits from a mix the night before. We brought some homemade jam, butter, and honey to go with it.

Biscuits, butter, “strawlallieberry” (strawberry-olallieberry) jam, grapes, almond milk.

Friday I sent the boys to the babysitter in the morning. Since we had originally budgeted for a week of Y camp, I figured I could use some of that to give myself a little break to focus on the house.

It finally dawned on me that I have one more mouth to feed that I haven’t been covering. Sure, until now Peanut’s meals haven’t been too interesting. But, he has been eating. In fact, we fed him his first solid meal of rice cereal this week. I didn’t want to put that on the sitter, though, so I only included milk.


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