Other morsels (8/5 – 8/19)

1st week of August – 8/5 – 8/11

Lunches for #1 and #2 are becoming much more similar as the age gap closes (relative to their ages, that is). For these lunches, I started with avacado, fruit, and sandwich as the base. I shaped an elephant and heart for the 2.5 year old because he’s very into animals. My 4.5 year old chose the guitar, so I put the star with it and called it his “rockstar lunch.” I added pretzels and red pepper. The younger guy got green pepper, which I recently realized he likes, plus a snack mix they both love but contains peanuts.

Some nights I just can’t pull it together to make lunch. I was probably up too late catching up on True Blood once the Olympics were over. In the morning, I hate myself…

Fortunately we had some easy items to grab from the fridge. Both my kids love to garnish their food, so I try to have things on the side they can put together. Parmesan was an easy choice for the pasta. You’ll notice I use a similar strategy with the taco bentos (below).

Another day I revisited the Olympic lunch, by official request. I call the pair “Olympic and Not”. The bento on the left uses bagels and cream cheese with food coloring to make the Olympic rings. My toddler didn’t eat much the first time, so I kept the bagels in a more familiar form for him. I added salami and corn, plus oranges on the side.

2nd week of August – 8/12 – 8/18

My 4.5 year old has finally come around on black beans. Oh joy! It’s such an easy healthy food. I love them, but haven’t been making them much because he wouldn’t eat them.

I made a taco with black beans and rice taco leftover from takeout and served a side of sour cream. I added red pepper, peach, cherries,  strawberries, and garnished the entire box with clover-cut carrots.

While beans have always been on the “eat” list for my toddler, he’s been throwing some curve balls at me lately. He didn’t eat the beans and rice for dinner, so I didn’t try to send them for snack. Instead, he got green pepper, carrots, peach, strawberries, and snack mix.

I sent another taco bento later that week with leftovers from my Summer Taco recipe. Did I mention I was excited that I can include black beans in the menu?! This time I added a side of fresh lime, cheese, crackers, and strawberries.


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2 thoughts on “Other morsels (8/5 – 8/19)

    • Aw, thanks Lucy. They’ve got really cute supplies at Ichiban Kan in El Cerrito. They are also in Japantown in SF along with Daiso. Most of what they have is plastic, which I have a ton of. I also have some stainless steel stuff that I use a lot.

      Let me know if you go. I’d love to get pictures of what you have or even have you write a guest post on stocking up.

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