Other morsels (7/30 – 8/4)

In the last week of July going into August, we eased back into our daily routine at home after several weeks traveling to visit family. School was still out for my preschooler, so I’ll just highlight a few snacks I packed.

We wrapped up the week with a fun visit to the California Academy of Science (with free passes from our local library, no less!). The Aquarium there is world-class, not to mention the indoor rain forest and other attractions we didn’t even get to. Three weeks later my two year old is still talking about the upside-down jelly fish and the flashlight fish with green eyes. I packed a “group snack” of items that would appeal to all of us.

A hearty snack for mom, dad, and two boys: pretzels (plain, peanut butter, and yogurt dipped), peaches, salami, corn, and cherries.

Another day, I packed a duo of lunches in the Lunchbots Trio for an outing to the park:

Ham and cheese heart sandwiches, cherries, and pretzels or goldfish.

On the home front, my toddler is getting more interested in shaped food and often makes specific request for lunches. One day he really wanted trains. The turkey I bought was a beautiful organic sliced meat, which sadly didn’t lend itself as well to being cut as much as some of the more processed varieties.

I do not question the magic of the train cut outs that entice him to eat his entire lunch. I just go with it.


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