Other Morsels (Summer Edition)

School vacation meant no bento lunches for July. I manged to find other outlets for my creative energies.

At the beginning of the month we made a new and tasty appetizer for a Fourth of July picnic. The spreads are from an Afghan food company that sells at our local farmer’s market. My husband pointed out the significance of celebrating American Independence with cuisine inspired from Afghanistan. We’re so lucky to be exposed to different cultures here in the US and I hope that I can teach my children to enjoy and respect them.

crackers, garlic mint cheese, pesto, jalapeno jelly, and diced strawberries.

[8/27 Edit – check out the recipe for these crackers on my latest post.]

Back in May a friend made a watermelon shark for a barbecue, and my four-year-old had been begging to make our own.

I planned to do this on vacation so family would watch the other kids and I could do this one-on-one with #1. Of course, when it was go-time, he pulled a switch-a-roo and wanted to make a lobster.

Watermelon “lobster” with blueberry eyes.

I’m not one to give up plans very easily, so I finished the shark while he was resting. It made a tasty afternoon snack. The National Watermelon Promotion Board has other excellent carving ideas. This site could keep you busy all summer if you’re game.

No review of my summer diet would be complete without a nod to our favorite cold treat. We’ve been walking some evenings to the local store and enjoyed visiting other famous local spots on our travels in Maine and Michigan. My father is a die-hard soft-serve man. While I love a good chocolate-dipped twist from Diary Queen, I get giddy when I see an ice cream menu that looks like this.

Bayley’s in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

The chocolate raspberry truffle was delicious.

It feels like summer’s over now that it’s August, but thankfully the weather here in Northern CA will stay summery through September. Do you have any summer treats to share?


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2 thoughts on “Other Morsels (Summer Edition)

  1. You are soooo creative!

    I normally love summer peaches but this year I haven’t been as into them as usual. I’m looking forward to fall fruits though like persimmons and jujubes!

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