Olympic Fever

Olympic Ring Lunches: Bagel rings with colored cream cheese, apple slices, and strawberries.

This was an easy lunch idea my four-year-old son helped me create. I’m not a huge fan of using food coloring, but it was an easy option. A nice alternative would be to use fruit and vegetables on top of cream cheese to make the various colors. An olive tapenade would make a nice, authentic looking black.


  • Mini bagels
  • Cream cheese
  • Food coloring
  • Mixing bowls
  • Apples and strawberries (or other fruit)


  1. Enlarge the center circle of the bagel. This created a set of smaller bagel rings for a second lunch, but also made the rings thin enough to overlap them in the final product.
  2. Use food coloring to make red, black, blue, yellow and green cream cheese. I minimized dishes by mixing up the yellow and then doing green in the same dish. I added the leftover red and blue cream cheese to this mix to make black.
  3. Spread colored cream cheese over bagel rings.
  4. For the larger rings, make a slit in the yellow and green bagel rings to interlock them.
  5. Serve with fruit or another side your child will enjoy.

One thought on “Olympic Fever

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