Yes, Michigan!

We’ve now got only 10 days to our big summer trip. Last week I did a Maine-themed lunch as a nod to the second half of our trip. This week, I focused on Michigan, which is our first stop. My son won’t appreciate the nod to the 80’s Michigan tourism promo, but I hoped some of you might.

Ham and Cheese “Michigan” sandwich, blueberries, goldfish, cherries, and cherry “beach ball”.

I’m feeling a bit like Sufjan Stevens — I’ll have to get some reader input if I want to do more state-themed lunches.

I carved the sandwich free-hand. The mitten-shape of Michigan is iconic, so I didn’t worry about perfection. I garnished with blueberries and goldfish and a couple of cherries up near where the “Cherry Capital”, Traverse City would be (loosely).

Cherry Beach Ball

The babybel I sent earlier this week came home a melted puddle of cheese, so I tried something different than what I did in the Maine lunch. I sliced a red cherry and a white cherry in eighths. We just got a cherry-pitter, so after pitting the cherries, this was an easy four slices.

Sliced Red and White Cherries

I re-combined to make the “beach ball.”

I tried to prop them into place with the blueberries it sat on. Hopefully it will survive the trip to school tomorrow.

What fun are you planning this summer? What have you been doing to get your kids excited?


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