Other morsels (June 23-29) – Part 1

We returned to our regular schedule this week – five preschool lunches, two toddler lunches, and various snacks for afternoon outings.

Snack Attack

It may just be a result of documenting, but I realized this week that I make a lot of snacks for on-the-go. I like to get out and about with the kids. It’s a lot of preparation to make sure I have everything for their different needs, but I find the time is enjoyable and passes quickly when we get out.

I packed a nice-looking bento for us all to snack on before gymnastics classes started on Tuesday.

Crackers, yogurt star cookies, orange slices, buffalo (spicy) and turkey (mild) jerkey, havarti cheese.

I also forced myself to go apply for a Social Security Number for the baby. I was not relishing the idea of spending hours at a government office with two kids, but it had to be done. I packed some fruit for #2 to munch on.

DIY fruit kebabs: Blueberries and plum

At the last minute, I tossed in a couple of toothpicks because I realized this was going to be messy. The DIY fruit kebabs kept him busy for quite a while.

The many faces of popcorn

By Friday afternoon, snack for a trip to the water park had devolved to a plastic bag with left-over popcorn and some frozen yogurt tubes. I had opted to lie down with my younger children during nap time instead of cleaning or making anything more well-rounded. I try to limit the flavored yogurts, so my laziness was interpreted as a nice treat by the kids.

Popcorn, yogurt tubes and water

Backtracking a bit, the popcorn first made an appearance Wednesday afternoon as a snack for #2 to eat at child watch while I (gasp!) worked out during my oldest son’s swim lessons. I really liked the look of this popcorn-based snack mix:

I re-purposed the popcorn Thursday as entertainment while the boys took turns getting haircuts.

graham crackers, popcorn, almonds and cranberries.

My two-year-old insisted on carrying on the snack box out of the house, even though I feared it wouldn’t end well. I was right:

Remnants of snack on the front stairs.

Let me tell you, there is no satisfaction in an “I told you so” for a toddler because I paid the consequences.

Note to self: Next time put the box in a bag and zip it.

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