Perfect Thyme for This Turkey

The Ranting Chef comes to dinner

We tried this recipe for dinner last week, substituting chicken which we had on hand. We served with a side of pan-fried mixed peppers.

The boys helped me collect ingredients:

I should note that I haven’t done anything special to cultivate these. I planted the thyme in May 2011 and it lasted through the winter. This year I’m acknowledging my limitations and not planting any new vegetables. I’ve got enough on my plate.

I hadn’t realized when I started my blog that I was also becoming a part of a blogging community. I’ve had a great time discovering other food blogs and I look forward to getting to know these writers more through their posts.

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Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Once again I am happy to have a guest blog post from Michelle who blogs at Eat and Sip in the City. Welcome Michelle….

I am happy to be guest blogging again on Rantings of an Amateur Chef. With warm weather rolling in, simple, easy, grilled dishes are my kind of meal, so I figured what better recipe to share then this one. Salvatore (of Imperial Pizza in Brighton, MA) and I make this recipe for turkey cutlets very often alongside cous cous, mixed greens, and green beans tossed with vinaigrette. He is Italian (can you tell by the name?) and his family owns a restaurant, with pizza, pasta, subs, and other delicious Italian cuisine. I am a big fan of his cooking but sometimes we are at odds for what to eat when I am in “healthy mode.”

How about fried eggplant parm. and some chicken? Nope, that is…

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Thyme for This Turkey

  1. Herbs are a great thing to grow if you do have time limitations. Thyme, rosemary and Oregano are really hardy perenials and will do well with little care. They are also great fresh and dried!!

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