Other morsels (June 16-22)

This week my older son was at camp at the YMCA which included lunch. It was nice to be off the hook for lunches, in a way.

Introducing… Tofeerios

I still needed to do some snacks for the toddler at daycare and to have food out and about. Monday’s toddler lunch included grapes, feta and crackers, carrots, chicken, and our family favorite, “tofeerios.” These are tofu cubes dusted in cheerio powder. Frankly, they sound completely unappetizing to me, but my kids love them. I read about it when my oldest was being introduced to solids and we’ve made them ever since.

To top the tofeerios, I used a cup from my son’s tea set to cut the circle from a thin slice of tofu. I used my beloved Niko-Niko punches to make the face from nori.

Friday is another day care day for my two-year old. I sent strawberries, tofeerios with cheerios, salami and cheese rolls, and pretzels.

I found the plastic toothpick on the doorstep outside the mail slot when I arrived. For age two, don’t necessarily expect to get all of your supplies back unless your day care provider can help you track them down.

Family Snack

Tuesday is gymnastics day for my two mobile boys, so I packed a hearty snack that I could share with them. I added kiwi, grapes, peanut butter pita pieces, and yogurt pretzels. The pink pretzels were a source of strife between the boys.

All in all, it was an easy snack week. Revolution Foods provided the lunches at the YMCA. They sent a menu ahead of camp and the offerings looked decent and fairly nutritious. My son’s pre-school also offers prepared lunches. At $6/day (with $1 going to the school’s scholarship fund), I feel it’s on the pricey side.

Do your children’s schools and daycares provide food? If you use it, do you feel it’s reasonably priced?

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