Other morsels (June 9-15)

Daddy Bento

I asked my husband to put together lunch for Tuesday since I had put so much effort into Monday’s Scout’s ABC Garden bento.

Monday night my son gobbled up enchiladas our neighbor made (declaring – I LOVE this!), so naturally we sent it for lunch the next day:

Bento Lunch: Enchilada and watermelon

leftover enchiladas, cheese and carrot stars, and watermelon.

I helped cut the stars because I can’t stay out of the kitchen even when I ask for help. My husband was not pleased that I was posting this as a “daddy bento” because he didn’t think it was his best effort. I promised to re-post this picture of his star lunch from earlier this year. The man has skills.

Made by hubby: Ham and cheese sandwich, pickles and cucumbers, beets and red peppers, rice crackers and star cookies.

Ladybug Bento

Thursday I sent this ladybug bento.

Ladybug Bento lunch - version 1

Bolani (spinach flatbread) and cheese roll, grapes, red and orange pepper, and carrot.

I couldn’t attach the antennae securely and I didn’t love the way it looked, so I removed them and added more carrots to the lunch to beef up the nutrition.

Ladybug Bento lunch - version 2

Bolani (spinach flatbread) and cheese roll, grapes, red and orange pepper, and carrot.

I’m going to play with this idea of using mini-peppers more in the future. I think I can do better.

Potluck Prep

Friday night we hosted a potluck dinner after our regularly scheduled Friday afternoon playdate. It was super fun to have the rest of the families join us after work. I wanted to (try to) keep it simple so I did prep-work early in the week.

Tuesday I made a huge batch (quadruple recipe) of barbecue sauce. I used some to make pulled pork in the slow cooker for Wednesdays dinner, set some aside for grilling on Friday, and froze the rest. I asked my 4-year old to help spoon the sauce into containers for freezing. NEVER let your four year-old help handle barbecue sauce unless you’re prepared for a mess.

A mess contained with floor mats and towels.

This looks bad, but when I picked up the towel and mat and wiped off the cutting board, I was pretty much done with clean-up.

Because I’ll use any possible excuse to make a dessert, I  made some coconut cupcakes from the Martha Stewart cupcake book. The recipes in this book are insane. I am finally sold on cooking things from scratch. I made some full-size and some mini-cupcakes. Those ended being polished off by the kids and adults that wanted to sample some of the other yummy desserts people brought.

Coconut Cupcakes

Lastly, I made a batch of broccoli slaw from a recipe I found at Smitten Kitchen. It was really yummy with the pulled pork sandwiches, so I made it again for Friday. Unfortunately, the dog got into it before any one can taste it. Why he didn’t go for the chicken is beyond me.

Do you have any barbecue recipes you’d like to share? We’ll be grilling all summer.

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