Scout’s ABC Garden

Cheese “Scout” sandwich decorated with olive and nori, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, strawberries, and blueberries.

Tomorrow’s lunch is an homage to one of my kid’s favorite iPhone games– Scout’s ABC garden. Every time I try to sneak my phone out to check email or Facebook, my toddler insists it is his phone and that he get to play Scout. It’s helping me kick my habit and encouraging me to be more present with him.

Here’s a screenshot of the game in case you’re not familiar:

What’s your favorite electronic distraction for your kids? How often do you let your children use your smart phone?

My methodology

I’m not confident in my cutting skills so I scavenged my supply box for things that I could use, even partially. You could opt to do all of the cutting free-hand.

For me a little planning goes a long way, so I sketched out some ideas to begin with.  This time I tried tracing the cutters I thought I might use.  I could see the scale was off so that helped me modify.  I also thought about what details would be the most necessary to make the image most recognizable.

My sketch helped me realize that a circular face wasn’t quite right, so after I used the circular cutter I shaved a little off the bottom on each side.

To make the muzzle I used a rice ball shaper and part of a flower cutter.

I used this Niko-Nkko punches for the eyes and nose. (I got them after some not-so-subtle hinting from my sister-in-law for Chirstmas.) My friend Audrey brought me the nori from a recent visit to Japantown in LA. I’ve also seen it in strips at Whole Foods.

I found another cutter that worked well for the mouth. Then I finished the face by using the same rice ball shape to cut the ears, trimming it a bit. Lastly, I used a green olive to make a ring around the eye.

To finish off the lunch, I cut a cheese frame to place on top of a slice of bread and cut the ABC letters from leftover cheese. When I placed the lunch in the box I used food separators to keep the fruit and cucumber from getting the bread soggy.

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5 thoughts on “Scout’s ABC Garden

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    • I’m sure you’ve come up with alternatives by now, but Connor will eat sunflower butter and I’ve heard soy butter is also a decent substitute. Daniel will eat seeds, so that’s an option too. We still eat it at home plenty!

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