Ice Cream Crafts

Last week it was my turn to bring craft to Toddler Playgroup. I had seen a paper ice cream cone in the summer-themed window display at our local library and thought that might be fun to try.

For the toddlers, mostly aged 2-3, the cone version of this craft didn’t seem engaging. They needed a lot of help, were done quickly, and set the cones aside when finished. However, when my four-year-old saw the sample I made, he insisted on making one. He has been producing them every day since. And, since we now have several cones at home, both boys have enjoyed playing with them. They’re even getting baby brother in on the fun.

Tonight I revisited the idea, updating the activity to creating a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles. My toddler was much more engaged in this version. He enjoyed making paper punches with a star paper-punch and spent a lot of time trying with the hole-punch, though he needed help with that.

At dinner we regaled the boys with stories of our ice-cream working days. As it happens, both my husband and I have professional experience — my first job was at the Porch of Flavors in Burt Lake, Michigan and hubby drove an ice cream truck in Portland, Maine one summer during college. My oldest says he wants to play ice cream truck tomorrow.

Here is a detailed how-to guide, or use the slideshow version of the instructions below.

As an Instructional Designer, I have to ask, which instruction format do you prefer?  Do you like the visual slideshow format, or the more detailed, enumerated written directions? Would you print these to use?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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