Other morsels (June 4- 8)

Pre-gymnastics snack: strawberries, cucumbers “sandwiches” with mint cheese, topped with feta and mint, peanut butter pretzels

This was the pre-gymnastics afternoon snack for the boys to share.  In retrospect this wasn’t quite enough food, as I invariably end up snacking with the boys.  I did get some pretzels, though.  I’m struggling with portions because the boys have been eating so much in the afternoon they don’t want to eat much dinner.  On gymnastics days, though, I need to give them more.  They really do a lot of work!

I went a little overboard with snack for the toddler playgroup on Thursday.

 I had to make up for bringing the bag of goldfish and jerky sticks last time (kidding!). Thankfully, it’s only my turn for snack once every seven weeks.  I made yogurt parfait with bananas, macerated strawberries and blueberries.  I dribbled a little honey over the yogurt layers because I used Strauss plain yogurt.  That stuff is so good, but really sour for some kids.

Our group ranges in age from about one year old to close to three, not including my three month old who isn’t participating in much of anything yet. I made “younger kid” versions of the parfait in plastic cups.  I cut the fruit in smaller chunks and swapped out the honey for strawberry juice because honey is not recommended for children under 1.

Daniel’s lunch on Friday included fresh fruit, a bunny-shaped hard-boiled egg, carrot slices, and cheese “sandwiches”. You will notice similarities to Connor’s High Tea bento, as I made them at the same time.

He goes to the sitter two mornings a week.  I haven’t worked full time since last June (except for occasional stints on contracts), but there is no way I’m allowing him to lose the ability to be independent and happy away from me.

Friday afternoon was the end of year picnic for my preschooler.  We were in the “main dish” group so I made this Spicy Red Lentil Soup from Vegetarian times.  I use about half the jalapeno called for and it’s not too spicy.  I didn’t think to make a sign for the top of the pot and I think the soup got overlooked.  My husband diligently spent a some time at the food table pointing it out to people. Those that did try it seemed to like it. I can’t say I’m sad to have leftovers.

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