High Tea

SB&J teapot sandwich, cheese “sandwiches”, scone, and fresh fruit.

I was inspired for lunch today by the afternoon tea my son’s preschool offers.  His teacher explained to me once that they have tea  as something special for the students that stay later and start to miss their parents.  It works well enough that my son complains occasionally that I pick him up at 3:00 and he misses tea.

The comment thread on my Cat in the Hat lunch earlier this week gave me an idea on how to cut custom shapes better. I wrote to Jaimie that it’s easiest to create clean cutting lines with cookie cutters. Today I realized I could combine shapes from cutters I do have to get the lines I was hoping for.  I’m pleased with the results.


  • Round cookie cutter
  • Knife
  • Mini raindrop cutter (optional)

How to make a teapot sandwich:

1) Make a sandwich.  I made sunflower butter and jelly.

2) Use a circular cookie cutter and press down on one side to cut out a half circle shape.

3) Use a knife or cutter with a straight edge (I used the heart pictured above) to cut out the spout.

4) Use a knife or small roundish cookie cutter to make the handle.  I used the rain drop mini cutter from an Ateco cutter set. This set is one of my favorite thing to use when making lunches.

5) Cut a straight line across the top to separate the top of the put.

6) Use the circle cutter on the piece that was just separated to create the top of the pot with a dome shape.

Writing this up now I see I could have taken more photos to illustrate.  I’ll do better next time.


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4 thoughts on “High Tea

  1. Sunflower butter? Is that tasty? Are you not allowed to use peanut butter at school anymore due to other kids’ allergies. Great idea on how to use your cutters to make different angles/shapes that you need! I love the “tea sandwiches” and the scone!!! So beautiful!

    • I don’t like it but the kids are used to it. You can use soy butter as well. I think most preschools have a no nut policy because the consequences are so severe. Even a lot of play places (e.g. Habitot and Studio Grow) post signs not to bring these items. It’s not too hard to work around and we use peanut butter at home or for snacks at the park and the zoo.

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  3. No offense, but thank goodness these morsels aren’t available as snacks at tea time. I have a hard enough pulling Tommy away from tea time as is.

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