Pancakes, eggs, cheese, and kiwi

We love breakfast!  I find it’s an easy choice for lunch as well.  When I made pancakes Sunday morning I made a few extra to keep for Monday’s lunch.  I let my four-year-old choose the pancake shape and color.  He also used an egg slicer on the egg.

The natural shapes of the pancakes, kiwi, and egg led to the theme.  I did use a cutter on the cheese slice and threw in a round cracker to go with it.

4 thoughts on “Circles

  1. Fun! Keep your posts coming! Perhaps you can eventually write one about the equipment you use. I love that Connor enjoys cooking!!

    • Thanks, Jaimie. I have a short list of posts to write and I definitely am planning to do one soon about stocking the pantry and basic supplies I use. I have a few specialized things that I’ve gotten online, but the majority of the days I just use cookie cutters to add a little garnish.

  2. We love breakfast anytime of day! Are you using food coloring for pancakes? My boys love to have peanut butter and jelly pancake sandwiches with the leftover pancakes.

    • I do use food coloring sometimes. It’s hard to see the colors, though, when the pancakes cook and get that nice brown color. I need to experiment to see if there are certain colors that work best. Making pancake sandwiches is a great idea!

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