Congratulations, it’s a foodler!

I’m taking my bento making to the next level. This blog is a personal challenge to recommit to making healthy, beautiful lunches for my children more regularly.  Now that the world (or at least the family members who feel obliged to read this) are watching, I need to make sure I’m posting some pretty lunches pretty regularly.

The name foodler is a bit tongue-in-cheek.  My husband and I joke about being foodies, and hopefully to some extent we are.  We expose our children to the wealth of food diversity that the Bay Area provides.  I have to admit I was quite pleased when my toddler arranged his toy trucks in a circle and proclaimed he was playing with “food trucks.”  However, we eat our share of sugar cereal (it’s kept in the “mommy cabinet”), and our Thanksgiving staples include ambrosia and green bean casserole.  It’s more like I’m a foodie-wannabe.

I make lunch every day for my children, but I will not be posting images every day.  Most of my lunches are healthy, but not much to look at:

Some days, though, I tap into my creativity and make something a bit more inspired:

Foodler is about those days.  My children are young enough they can’t completely appreciate the extra care I take. The bento lunches give me a chance to tap into my creativity and make the mundane task of making lunch a little more special.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, it’s a foodler!

  1. Having worked at a pre-school for Japanese children (thus, bento lunches) I can tell you that they appreciate it more than you might think. One child I worked with absolutely refused to eat one of her lunches because it was a very cute special birthday lunch with her favorite cartoon character.

  2. Thanks, LuminaryXion. It’s important to keep perspective. They do notice. Even my two year old is more inclined to eat something if I shape it. (Case in point: “Star cheese”). I’m going to post soon about how involving my kids when they’re interested in helping make their lunch helps ensure they eat more of it.

    How cute the student wouldn’t eat her lunch. I think I would have a hard time eating something as special as my favorite character too!

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